We Are The SOLAR-UTION For You

  • We pride ourselves in being true solar energy specialists for over a decade.
  • Our solar systems are not only innovative and competitively priced, but they are catered and designed to each home or property's needs.

What is solar energy?

It is the capturing of energy from the Sun and subsequently converting it into electricity. We can then use that electricity to light up our homes, streets, and businesses, and power our machines as well.

The sun's energy is in the form of solar radiation. Solar radiation makes the production of solar electricity possible 

Frequently asked questions:

How does solar energy work?

A photon is a basic unit that makes up all light; it is a bundle of electromagnetic energy

When photons strike a solar cell, they loosen electrons from their atoms. If we attach a conductor to a cell's negative and positive sides, we have an electrical circuit.

When the electrons flow through the circuit, they generate electricity

What is a solar panel and how does it work?

Solar panel - solar cell - solar array

Solar panels (solar modules) consists of many solar cells. When there are many panels wired up together, we have a solar array.

The amount of electricity a solar panel produces depends on three factors:

  • Its size.
  • The efficiency of the solar cells within that panel.
  • How much sunlight hits the solar panel.

Will I have electricity when it's cloudy or raining outside?

Solar power electricity systems or photovoltaics (PV) do not need direct sunlight to work. Even on a cloudy day, they can still generate electricity. 


A Few 2019 Solar Systems We Installed:

December 2019 - Solar System Installed in Gordon's Bay with the most precious view.

Nieuwoudtville - Northern Cape

June 2019 - Gordons Bay Solar Geyser

May 2019 - Solar System Installed in Noordhoek

May 2019 - Solar System Installed in Langebaan